What’s a Book Release without a Party?

For most authors, there’s not much fanfare when a book comes out. No big U.S. tour. The national media isn’t clamoring for interviews. And adoring fans don’t line up for a midnight release. To my current publisher’s credit (St. Martin’s Press), there’s been a good pre-publication effort by my publicist, and the marketing team is ready to hit the social media waves hard.

It’s up to me, however, to organize an event to publicly acknowledge my book releases. Ever since my first book, Demonkeeper, came out, Village Books–Bellingham, Washington’s wonderful independent bookstore–has been the place to gather. And it will be the venue again this month to celebrate the release of my first adventure thriller, Impasse. I’ve included a link to the Facebook invite below if anyone reading this is in the area on March 20. Until then, ‘Man up’…and to get the reference, you’ll have to read the book…

Book launch party!

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