Kalt Gestellt 

Impasse in the United States. Kalt Gestellt in Germany!Impasse in the United States. Kalt Gestellt in Germany. Order here.

Forty and facing a mid-life crisis, Stu Stark has lost his mojo. He simply gave up after being fired from his prestigious job as a prosecuting attorney for losing the biggest case of his career. So when Stu’s best friend gifts him a one-week trip into the Alaskan wilderness to rediscover his manhood, Stu thinks it just might do him some good. But after a horrible week, Stu is crushed when he realizes that no one is coming back for him. Dying, Stu is found by a grizzled old hunter who informs that winter has set in, and they’re not going anywhere for a while.
So begins Stu’s training to become the man he never was…and to get revenge on those who betrayed him. This adult debut by the internationally bestselling YA author is a modern day take on The Count of Monte Cristo.

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Die Rubinrote Konigin

CoverTranslation: The Ruby Red Queen
U.S. Title: Mapper Book 5 Red Queen: Kingdom of Blood and Book 6 Dark King: Land of Shadow

Prologue: The city of Skye is falling. Its walls tumble down the cliffs, and its soldiers are overrun by a red-clad army. As the mountain stronghold crumbles, an old man sneaks into the Overlord’s disintegrating tower and removes the Map of the World from its place on the Council Chamber’s wall. He rolls it up, straps it to his back and flees the death of Skye…

Written exclusively for the German market, order here.

New to the series? Check out books I and II below.

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Die Karte Der Welt

TranslatBuckingham-Map_of_the_World (1)ion: Map of the World
US Titles: Mapper Book 1 clansman: Invoking the Darkness and Book 2 Blackpool: The Veil of Shadow

Die Karte Der Welt debuted and quickly climbed to best seller status in Germany! An epic medieval fantasy, the story whisks a peasant farm boy on an adventure into lost lands that he draws. Die Karte Der Welt is full of exotic people and ferocious monsters featuring heroics, humor, thought-provoking themes with a touch of romance. This is Book I of a three part series.

Die Karte Der Welt is Royce’s first medieval fantasy and the first of a trilogy.  Fans are anxiously awaiting Book II, Der Willes des Konigs, which is due out in September, 2014. Royce is busy penning Book III, which will be released in 2015.

An interesting fact about the series: It is only available in Germany. That’s right, Royce pitched the story idea directly to his editors in Germany. Not that he wouldn’t like it to sell in other countries, especially in the U. S. Royce is very appreciative that his editors at Random House – Penhaligon and Blanvalet gave him the creative freedom to write material untested anywhere else.

Watch this amazing book trailer:

Book II of the Mapper Series comes out October 2014.

Der Wille Des Konigs

Translation: The Will of the King
US Title: Mapper Book 3 Conjurer: Behind the Veil and Book 4 Villain: Shadows Will Fall

Ian Krystal is a simple soldier who has been sent across the sea by his king to settle untamed lands. where others clash with the wild indigenous societies, Ian and members of his clan succeed in negotiating a peaceful coexistence.

But when Ian is ordered to betray the indigenous folk and purge the land completely using spear, sword, and an ancient dark magic, he must decide whether to obey the King he serves, or honor the promises he’s made to his new friends.

Der Wille Des Konigs (Mapper II) is the prequel to Royce  Buckingham’s bestselling medieval fantasy debut in Germany.

Click here for the book trailer: 

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