German Novels

“The boundless imagination with which he endows his worlds, the ingenuity…and the humor is the same in all his novels, yet a new adventure awaits you every time!”

No one knows what exists beyond the dark veil to the north of Abrogan. No one who’s passed through has ever returned. A request for services from a band of explorers charts a new course for the young and talented cartographer, Wex Stoli. With an ancient map in hand, Wex unwittingly pushes back the veil with his drawings, revealing a land full of adventure, new companions, and an old enemy intent on revenge.

Der Spiegel Bestseller – Damliche Damonen – captured readers’ imaginations,
leading to a 3-part series, and now a banded version!

Demons are all around us, most of them are relatively harmless, like the ones that go bump in the night or make you stub your toe. But some are dangerous, some can kill. Since he was orphaned as a boy, Nat has been trained by his aged mentor Daliwahl to be a demonkeeper, controlling a menagerie of demons in their old, rickety house in Seattle. Now Dahliwahl is gone and Nat is on his own.

Keeping demons isn’t a very social activity, and when Nat goes on a date with junior librarian assistiant, Sandy, it’s a disaster in more ways that one. While Nat is out, a very scary demon called the Beast escapes. Can Nat get the Beast back to the house and make things right with Sandy?

With its fast-paced action, slapstick humor, & an unlikely hero, readers will enjoy this a high-spirited romp that keeps them glued to the page.

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