Die Glorreichen Sechs … Humorous, thought-provoking, fast-paced. But don’t just take our word for it…

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When the story is so good…
Presenting the Damliche Damonen Trilogy in one beautiful book!

Damliche Damonen (Germany)/Demonkeeper (U.S.)

Damliche Damonen/Demonkeeper is an enduring story of a teenage boy finding himself in the midst of a chaotic world of kooky, hilarious and sometimes scary demons wreaking havoc in the quirky City of Seattle. Must be why its’ been re-released this fall in Germany. This series available for English readers as well. Go here to get your copies today!


Royce Buckingham reveals a fantasy novel set in a very different world from his trilogy for “The King’s Will”…And that’s exactly where the great power of the novel lies, you can completely explore the strange world and explore numerous different cultures, locations and connections.” — Poldis Hörspielseite

© Max Meinzold, Munich

As a naïve princess she was cast out, as a strong self-confident woman she returns.
Die Klinge des Waldes von Royce Buckingham

“The Blade of the Forest” by Royce Buckingham is a tremendous reading spectacle that has taken me by storm and absolutely thrilled me.” — Marion, Buchlieblinge














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  1. i love your book the dead boys, Im 17 and im taking a creative writing class because of you. Thank you for inspiring me. -Angel

  2. Hey Mr. Buckingham!
    I read the last 2 books from you and i was totally amazed by the world and characters you created. You gave me the motivation in reading back! But you could have done the part with Seraphina in your new book longer 😉

    Many thanks for making my life a little bit happier and wish you a present time!

  3. Amazing book, The Terminals… Great plot and storyline. I hooked on right away! Amazing… I am hoping the sequel will come out soon…

  4. I loved The Terminals! Excellent novel! It was funny and adventurous. Please tell me that there will be a sequel. Please.

    • Thanks! I’m working on a medieval fantasy for Random House in Germany right now. But I have a sequel for The Terminals outlined and ready to go if a publisher gives me the green light after that.

  5. I love this book I love the fact that I leaves me wanting more I feel like it would be a really good movie I believe u should try to make it into a movie

  6. Dear Royce, Your book Terminals was great perfect it made me feel all different emotions and i was captured by evrythin that happened and every death. It was truely a good book and i think u should start a series. and please bring someone back like donnie or wally or zara it be really cool if they somehow came back to life and helped came and seiena stop Ward and his employers

  7. Dear Royce, Your book Terminals was great perfect it made me feel all different emotions and i was captured by evrythin that happened and every death. It was truely a good book and i think u should start a series. and please bring someone back like donnie or wally or zara it be really cool if they somehow came back to life and helped cam and seiena stop Ward and his employers

  8. Just finished “Impasse”. Excellent. My preference is for mystery/thriller genre in which the protagonist discovers unused/unknown strengths. I hope for more along the lines of Impasse.

  9. Hi I’m Andrea I am 13 years old and I just read your book called the dead boys. I currently live in richalnd and I gotta say I loved that you based the book here. My friend Holly and I are always down at the river throwing rocks and sticks in the river. You who are inspired me to start writing stories of my own. Thank you! ~Andrea S.

  10. 210 East University
    Pella, Iowa 40219

    September 6, 2015

    Royce Scott Buckingham

    Dear Mr. Buckingham,

    I read your book The Terminals for school. I really enjoyed the book and thought that the basic idea of the story was good, let alone finding out that Cam and the others weren’t actually sick. Here I am going to list the strengths and weaknesses the I believe this story contains.

    I think the strengths are the entire idea of the story. I think it is a very fascinating idea and was very creative. I like how you made the center of the story around people who are terminally ill because this is something that an everyday person could experience. This adds a real factor to the story and makes it either to relate to and follow. Also, I like how you picked an island to be the setting of this story. Though it is a very common idea, I think that it fit this story well and it helped make the setting feel off the radar and undetected. Finally, I really like the twist you added to the end. I never would have expected that the whole idea was wrong and that no one was sick. I really liked this because it was a major “WOW” factor. Also I like how you had the boys all like Zara, but then Cam starts falling for Calliope at the beginning but then end up with Siena. It makes it fit the emotions of characters that age. Finally, I liked the basic idea of having a character you like “die” like when Siena “died” I couldn’t stop reading and I was quite upset.

    I think that some of the weaknesses in the store was lack of foreshadowing. I know that the main idea was the surprise the reader with the ending but I think having a little foreshadowing to it or to any event in the story would have helped make it more interesting. For example I think it would have been good to through hints that the Ward wasn’t who he appeared to be and that the whole thing was a sham. I think this because I like to talk a moment and stop reading to think about what the author means and what is going to happen next in the story. The only foreshadowing I noticed in the story was the chapter titles. Another weakness was that at some points in the story I would have to go back and read part of the text 3 or 4 times over due to a confusing element in it. I think that a couple slight re-wordings would help make the story more clear.

    Some extra things I liked about the story was the “Cam’s playlist”. I thought that was a very very cool idea. I like how it gave you a little hint about what was happening. Also I liked how you kept the ideas and attitudes of the characters of what an actual person that age would have. I think that sometimes when adult authors write books meant for teenagers they don’t express the feelings and ideas of the characters as I think they would.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this book and found it very fascinating. I hope you write more books soon because you are an author that I am now going to start looking for when I get new books. Also I would really enjoy seeing this book as a movie.


    Matthew Widmar

  11. Hello Mr. Scott it’s me again and I realize there are questions burning inside me and I just gotta know! Is there any other info on the Thin Man/ *spolier spoiler* Ian Fortus as a child? Maybe orgins?, insider facts? Anything?! I love this character so much! I was surprised in fact you might be surprised how much 17 little words in a scentence have changed me…Little Ian…LITTLE! I need to know more…cause I don’t think I’ll get more seeing how Ian…umm went out to “Lunch” if you get what I’m saying. And I’m saddened about this I just want to know a little more…if you can’t tell me I understand…unless that info will be in later books! Well until then still absolutely love Demon Keeper!
    Waiting patiently(and desperately) Kayla

  12. I love love loove your book The Terminals!!! Please tell me that there will be a sequel, I will cry if there isn’t. The ending makes it sound like there will be a sequel.

      • Thanks for the update. I really appricate your replies to my questions! Despite me constantly asking them! Really makes my day! Keep making these great books and I’ll be ready to read them.

  13. Hi Mr. Buckingham,
    I read The Terminals a few months ago and absolutely loved it. The ending left me desperate for another book, and I’ve been scouring the internet for any hints of one.
    I know you said that you had a sequel outlined (back in June 2015), and I was wondering if there was a release date? Anything updates?

    • Hi Anna (this is Anna, right? I see Anna in your email address.),
      The Terminals is still selling in the US and other countries, and my publisher was hoping the TV series we’ve pitched in Hollywood would be purchased. No luck yet. Thus, no sequel yet. I have set The Terminals sequel aside while I work on other projects. I’d love to get back to it, but my publisher is waiting for something to break loose before we do it. We recently sold the first book in China and the Czech Republic, so it’s still moving along. Get the word out! Thank you.

      • Thanks for getting back to me!
        I’ll keep an eye out for any news about that pitched TV series… That would be pretty amazing.
        Congrats on international sales!

  14. Dear Mr. Royce,
    I am please to announce that I have spread your books to other friends, students, teachers, etc throughout my school and I’m currently working to get my library to purchase more of your work to put on our shelves! I’ve already talked about your amazing books to many of my close friends and just random people and hope to spread more word about you during English maybe in a project or something. My goal is to make you a well known author throughout my school because you defiantly deserve it!

    Love, Kayla

      • Sell enough books? I’ll buy a dozen to get the sequal I am in love with your book The Terminals! I saw a comment above somewhere about having a “dead” character come back and I think that would be sooooo cool. Like Donnie and Wally didn’t actually die in the helicopter explosion.

      • Great to hear from you Kayla.

        I can’t confirm the rumor that a character would come back. That would be very unlikely. Not impossible. If I did, I would bring back Donnie and either take him to the other side (because the company finds him and patches him up) or have him come back and help Cam.

        I’m currently writing a big medieval fantasy, so I won’t get back to The Terminals for at least a year. Sorry!

        I’m going to put out three fantasy novels this year on Amazon, however, so watch for those!

  15. I just finished reading Demoneater and once again it was an amazing book! The action is just right and I always feel like I’m in the world of the DemonKeeper series. You also make the best villains in my opinion. Of course the Thin Man(Ian Fortus) will always be my favorite villain of yours Calamitous was a very good antagonist and very enjoyable to read. Can’t wait to read more,

  16. Hey Royce. I’m trying to make a Thin Man costume for Halloween. But I don’t know what he wears other than a trench coat. I was wondering if I could get some help to know what else I need for the coustume? If he wears anything else. Thanks

  17. Who is the illustrator of demon keeper??? Daughter is doing book report and forgot book at school and I can’t find on google!!! Ugh

    • Hi Omer! I have outlined a sequel to The Terminals, because I love the story. However, I was hired to write other books after the first book came out, so it’s a future project. In the meantime, we are working to get Terminals made into a film or TV show. Thanks for asking!

    • Hi Cole, I proposed book two of The Terminals to my publisher with a complete outline. However, they had me write a different book next, and then my editor left the publishing house, and that was the end of my run at that publisher. Sooo, I have the outline, but no publisher for it at present. The first book is, however, circulating in Hollywood. Thanks for writing. Royce

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