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  1. (Ahem) ok let me start by saying The book “Demon Keeper” is probably one of the best books I’ve ever read and the most life changing as well. Never have I come across such a rare gem like this. It kept me engaged all the way from page 1 and I must say it has a ton of enjoyable characters from Nat and his mischievous demons to The Mysteoris and chilling Thin Man. The most memorable part was when I was reading the part when Ian reverted to his childhood self! I felt all my anger melt away in mere seconds. A grey twist and there was a little heart break;) so as I finish up this book is amazing and is one the rare books that I will re read and I’m not a re reader kind of person! So hats to you if you’re reading this! Thank you for this amazing experience that is Demon Keeper

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