Cam’s Playlist

The Terminals - Close Up Backpack Full of Soul

Each chapter of The Terminals starts with a “song” from main character, Cam Cody’s playlist. Now you can get creative and have some fun.

1) Pick your favorite title.  2) Write a cover song.  3) Post it on YouTube.  4) Send the link here.

If  approved, it’ll be linked to this website with the following guidelines.
    – Must be original work.
    – YouTube post must include: “Inspired by Royce Buckingham’s YA thriller, The Terminals.”
    – Band names,  titles & lyrics in The Terminals  are copyrighted & belong to Royce Buckingham.
    – The tune you create (the music, not the words) belongs to you.
    – Offensive material may not be approved.

Need an Example? Check out Backpack Full of Soul by C Aspen B.


Chapter 1 – HELLO MISTER GRIMM by The Fallen Angels
“Hello, I’ve got some news for you.
It’s not all good, but it’s all true.”

Chapter 2 – ROADKILL by Suicide Squirrel
“Gotta have fleet feet to play in the street.”

Chapter 3 – SOUL ON A STICK by Dog Breath
“You all scream like I scream.”

Chapter 4 – WELCOME TO THE ZOO by The Way Chunky Monkeys
“You fling poo. That’s whatcha do.”

Chapter 5 – SMELLS LIKE MONDAY by Cheez Whiz
“Dude, it’s like…aww, forget it.”

Chapter 6 – THE OATH by Slinky
“Give me your hand, man.”

Chapter 7 – HEY, I KNOW THIS SONG by The Nobodies
“Something familiar, but oh so peculiar.”

Chapter 8 – THE ICE FIREMEN by Blabbermouth
“Melt, melt, melt, like a schoolgirl’s dream.”

Chapter 9 – I LOVE BACON by The Foodies
“You sizzle and pop, and you don’t stop.”

Chapter 10 – RUSTLE AND WHISPER by Okee Kenochee
“Your friends are talking ‘bout me, but mine are talking ‘bout you, too.”

Chapter 11 – LOVE RHYMES WITH SHOVE by Lisa Ran Away
“You love me, shove me, put yourself above me.”

Chapter 12 – BOY FEVER by Wind Chimes and Grace
“You make me feel hot, weak,
and a bit like throwing up,
in a good way, in a good way, in a good way.

Chapter 13 – SEXT ME by Jackie Z
“The image of me in your head,
or that snap of me on my bed.
Which one do you fantasize to?”

Chapter 14 – MEET AND GREET by Melody Who-Who
“Don’t come at me cocked and locked.”

Chapter 15 – CHAOS by Demonkeeper
“Chaos. Total loss. Run! Hide! It’s chaos!”

Chapter 16 – BACKPACK FULL OF SOUL by C. Aspen B.
“Puts me in a sad mood.
But I can’t cry ‘cuz I’m a dude.”

Chapter 17 – DRIFT by Slurpy
“If you look to the sea, you’ll find me
drifting, drifting, drifting.”

Chapter 18 – CAN’T BEAT ME by Two-One-Two Zone
“I’ve got a pass to kick your ass!”

Chapter 19 – BROKED APART HEART by The Shitkickers
“I love your face, your place,
your body in lace…just not you.”

Chapter 20 – DOWN TIME by Robo Dork
“Refresh, rehash, restock my stash.”

Chapter 21 – PERFORMANCE ANXIETY by Crush
“Give me a moment!”

Chapter 22 – Hamster Wheel by The Fluffy Bunnies
“I try to reach the top, but it just won’t stop.”

Chapter 23 – REVELATION by Breathe
“You were something I didn’t expect…”

Chapter 24 – GROWTH SPURT by The Lucky Ones
“Gotta grow into these wings.”

Chapter 25 – MY HEART OR YOURS by Love-n-Stuff
“My heart, your heart, torn apart, fresh start. Oh-oh-oh!”

Chapter 26 – DICE by One Shoe Magoo
“Roll ‘em, roll ‘em,  roll ‘em again.”

Chapter 27 – OH YEAH, MAKE ME by So It Begins
“I wouldn’t wish me on your worst enemy.”

Chapter 28 – THE ENDLESS NOTHING by Necromoor
“I was your thunder, you were my lightning,
in the storm before this endless nothing.”

Chapter 29 – HOPE AND CHANGE by That Weird Girl
“Can’t wait for you to change, but I can hope.”

Chapter 30 – ‘SPLOSIONS by WTF
“Boom-boom goes the drum.”

Chapter 31 – NO WAY! by Go Fish
“Don’t wanna, ain’t gonna. Humma-humma-humma.”

Chapter 32 – TREADING WATER by The Blind Leading the Blind
“Sink or swim? Not really a choice.”

Chapter 33 – This Little Piggy by Squeaky Wheel
“I’m drawing a blank.”

Chapter 34 – FLY by The Dread
Catch that updraft. Flyyy…

Chapter 35 – TELL ON YOU by Drummer Boy
“I’m the one who is gonna tell on you.”

Chapter 36 – MIGHTY MIGHTY by Hydroplane
“We’re young, strong, and burn half as long.
Whoaaa, mighty, mighty!”

Chapter 37 – LACE UP by Game Day
“Na-na-na-na. Na-na-na-na. Goaaaaaal!”

Chapter 38 – LET YOU GO by Raven Dark
“Let me let you go.”

Chapter 39 – ANGRY YOUNG WOMAN by Calli
“Like the day I watched them put my dog down.”

Chapter 40 – ME ON STEROIDS by Addictionopolis
“My better self is on the shelf.
I’ll get me down when I need my help.”

Chapter 41 – INCONTINENTAL by The Steam Punks
“I been to Paraguay, Uruguay, far away.
Doesn’t matter anyway. Incontinental!”

Chapter 42 – WE’RE ALONE TOGETHER by The Flat Earth Society
“No such thing as alone when I think of you.”


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