Royce has been speaking at professional writing conferences around the region for years including:

  • Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association Annual Conference – Seattle, WA
  • SCBWI Annual Conference – Utah
  • Cavalcade of Authors – Tri-Cities, WA
  • Young Authors Conference (Key Note Author and Panelist) – Mount Vernon, WA
  • Field’s End Writers Conference, Bainbridge Island, WA

Royce will customize talks for your conference. Feel free to make your requests. Some examples of past presentations are below:

“Take a Month to Save a Year: My Advice to Writers”: Valuable advice on picking your next book to write. – Pacific Northwest Writer’s Conference

“Hate Outlining? Write a Treatment”: Learn what a treatment is and why it is an effective and time-saving tool to develop and test your next story concept. – SCBWI Professional Series

“Monsters!”: We all know boys love monsters. Buy why? And does it turn them into monsters? In this discussion-style presentation Royce talks monsters, boys, and reluctant readers as well as survey attending librarians on what they do and don’t pick for their collections and why. Thought provoking discussion during this session includes: Is confronting monsters in fiction empowering or just exploitive writing? Are peril and violence the same thing or only distinctly related? Is gore helpful, harmful or just an innocent by-product to be made into sausage? How are ghost stories and monster tales the same or different?                 – Washington Library Media Association

“Getting out of Solitary”: Prosecuting attorney Royce Buckingham spent 13 years writing monster stories alone in the dark before emerging one day a wide-eyed children’s author. Join Royce for an entertaining look at what it’s like to suddenly become a published “author” and realize you know absolutely nothing abut the book world. – Washington Library Media Association








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  1. Just received from Amazon a copy of Demonkeeper for my 10 year old. He’s excited to start reading it on our trip to Oregon this weekend. I told him I know the author and he gave me a look that he usually displays only upon receiving a new box of LEGOS.

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