What my English Degree Did for Me

Last year was my 25th reunion at Whitman College, where I obtained a degree in English literature. Whitman Magazine invited me to write an essay reflecting on how my experience at Whitman and my degree helped shape my professional life. Below is the first paragraph of the essay and a link to the whole thing.  

“It’s been 25 years since I graduated with a degree in English literature from Whitman, and I’ve been asked to reflect on how it prepared me for life as a working fiction author and attorney. I suppose it starts with the college’s general premise: “A Whitman liberal arts education offers great breadth over specialization …” More specifically, Whitman’s English Majors’ Handbook states, “Whatever else students of English call ourselves, we are first and foremost readers and writers.” So, presumably, I graduated a broadly educated reader and writer. But that’s not a profession, it turns out. So how is that degree turned into a career? In my case, it went something like this:”

To read more, click here.

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