Very excited! Here’s why…

Okay, so the Fall 2022 Random/Penguin House catalog for Germany is out. This is the catalog that goes to booksellers…like Barnes and Noble, Village Books, etc.

Monster Lawyer (by me) is the second book listed under fantasy. This is an “I’m #2!!!” victory, which is awesome by itself. But that’s not all.

Many huge titles get a full page in the catalog. I’ve shown the Game of Thrones page below as an example 10 books–one page. The Star Wars books (written by Terry Brooks, R.A. Salvatore, George Lucas and other random authors of some repute)–two pages.

And Monster Lawyer? One book–two full pages (fun pics below). Wow! Love it. Cautiously optimistic about its lauch. Aww, screw it…crazy excited for the Halloween launch. They’re calling it “Unsere gruseligsten fantasy-titel zu Halloween.” Yeah, I didn’t know either, but Google translate says: “Our spookiest Halloween fantasy title.” I’ll take it!

Looking forward to going to Germany to promote it in October. The last two times my publisher supported/marketed my books like this we ended up on the bestseller list, and so I see good things ahead (and dead people, but that’s from Monster Lawyer II, which I’m currently writing–just did a killer whirlpool sucking down a boat at Deception Pass scene…so much fun).

Big in Germany. Two Books Due Out in 2016!

There is always an air of excitement around the house when a book is about to be released, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that not one, but two of my stories will be available for German readers in 2016.

This month — on January 18 to be exact — Die Rubinrote Konigin will land in readers’ hands or Kindles. It is the third of my first ever medieval fantasy series, entirely written and published first, and catapulted to best-seller status in Germany, by Random House – Blanvalet. For more details or to order, click here.

And later this year in September, my U.S. Adventure Thriller debut, IMPASSE (St. Martin’s Press), will be available for German readers as Kalt Gestellt. Click here for more info.

The two books couldn’t be more different from one another although both were equally entertaining to write.


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