Reader Beware. A New Thriller in Germany.

Royce Buckingham, well known in Germany for his urban and medieval fantasy story-telling, gives readers something entirely different with September’s release of Kaltgestellt (U.S. Title: Impasse, St Martin’s Press)

Kaltgestellt von Royce Scott Buckingham
Kaltgestellt von Royce Scott Buckingham

The two-time best selling author applied his legal expertise to tell a tale, part legal/part adventure thriller of washed up 40-year old lawyer Stu Stark who’s law partner sends him on a one-week trip to the Alaskan wilderness to rediscover his manhood. But after a horrible week, Stu realizes that no one is coming back for him. Dying, Stu is found by a grizzled old hunter who informs him that winter has set in, and they’re not going anywhere for a while. Presumed dead, life goes on back in Stu’s hometown in ways Stu couldn’t even begin to imagine…

Als Staatsanwalt Stu Stark den wichtigsten Fall seiner Karriere verliert, wird er fristlos entlassen. Um sein angeschlagenes Ego aufzupolieren, lässt er sich auf einen Trip durch Alaskas Wildnis ein. Was wie ein Abenteuer beginnt, entwickelt sich schnell zum Albtraum – denn nach einer Woche wird er nicht am vereinbarten Treffpunkt abgeholt. Man hat ihn im eisigen Polarklima zurückgelassen, wo ihm schon bald der Tod droht. Seine einzige Rettung ist ein alter Jäger, der ihn über den Winter bei sich aufnimmt. Für den ehemaligen Anwalt beginnt ein beinhartes Überlebenstraining, das er nutzen will, um sich an denjenigen zu rächen, die ihn verraten haben …


Big in Germany. Two Books Due Out in 2016!

There is always an air of excitement around the house when a book is about to be released, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that not one, but two of my stories will be available for German readers in 2016.

This month — on January 18 to be exact — Die Rubinrote Konigin will land in readers’ hands or Kindles. It is the third of my first ever medieval fantasy series, entirely written and published first, and catapulted to best-seller status in Germany, by Random House – Blanvalet. For more details or to order, click here.

And later this year in September, my U.S. Adventure Thriller debut, IMPASSE (St. Martin’s Press), will be available for German readers as Kalt Gestellt. Click here for more info.

The two books couldn’t be more different from one another although both were equally entertaining to write.


Validation Feels Good

It is very rewarding to hear from a fan who likes one of my stories. This email about Impasse hit my mailbox yesterday. Feels great to be compared to some 
best selling authors in the genre. Thank you!

"I just finished your book, Impasse.  Best story I have read in a long time.  I work at a library--that's how I came across your book.  The cover grabbed my attention and I love suspense-thrillers-mysteries.  I read about 2 books a week, including best-selling authors.  You have topped James Patterson by a mile and rival Stuart Woods, James Grippando, and David Baldacci.  Congratulations on a great book from this old lady!"

What’s a Book Release without a Party?

For most authors, there’s not much fanfare when a book comes out. No big U.S. tour. The national media isn’t clamoring for interviews. And adoring fans don’t line up for a midnight release. To my current publisher’s credit (St. Martin’s Press), there’s been a good pre-publication effort by my publicist, and the marketing team is ready to hit the social media waves hard.

It’s up to me, however, to organize an event to publicly acknowledge my book releases. Ever since my first book, Demonkeeper, came out, Village Books–Bellingham, Washington’s wonderful independent bookstore–has been the place to gather. And it will be the venue again this month to celebrate the release of my first adventure thriller, Impasse. I’ve included a link to the Facebook invite below if anyone reading this is in the area on March 20. Until then, ‘Man up’…and to get the reference, you’ll have to read the book…

Book launch party!

Library Journal Highly Recommends Impasse!

I am very pleased to share this review of my debut adventure thriller, Impasse…

Library Journal, February 1, 2015
IMPASSE by Royce Buckingham
Impasse. Thomas Dunne: St. Martin’s. Mar. 2015. 304p. ISBN 9781250011541. $25.99; ebk. ISBN 9781250021069. F

Stuart Stark is an understandably cautious man. Fired from the Bristol County, MA, DA’s office for botching a case that allowed a murderer to go free, he now practices civil law with Clayton Buchanan, who is willing to overlook not only the finer points of the law but ethics as well. When the two men come to an impasse over their fee in a liability case, Clay decides risk-averse Stu needs an adventure to rediscover his manhood. But what was supposed to be a joint hunting trip to a remote cabin in Alaska turns into a terrifying ordeal when Stu, dropped off alone in the interior with winter coming on and no cabin in sight, soon realizes that the float plane is not coming back. VERDICT Older readers may recall Frederick Manfred’s Lord Grizzly, based on the real-life frontiersman Hugh Glass, left for dead after a grizzly bear attack. ­Buckingham (Demonkeeper; The Terminals) spins an equally tense but thoroughly modern thriller of survival and revenge in which a man is forced to confront both deadly peril in the wild and a sadistic manipulator and unfaithful wife at home. Highly recommended for those who enjoy men’s adventure tales.—Ron Terpening, Univ. of Arizona, Tucson


So Royce has been Doing a LIttle Genre Jumping Lately

By Guest Blogger: Cara Buckingham

Royce has been on a roll. As you may know, his book, The Dead Boys won Washington State’s 2014 Sasquatch Children’s Book Award. Naturally, you might be wondering what middle grade readers can expect next. Well…he has more stories to tell for that age, it’s just that they’ll have to wait. You see, Royce’s first YA title, The Terminals just came out and he has an adult legal thriller called Impasse due out next March.

The Terminals is a spy thriller for young adults with a twist. Royce started developing the story several years ago when he wondered ‘what if  group of teens with only a year to live could spend their remaining time completing dangerous spy missions?’ The result is an action-packed, entertaining read that is still fun but more grown up than his middle grade monster stories.

And talk about growing up, Royce’s next book, Impasse, is a full-fledged adult legal thriller. The story follows Stu, a washed up attorney who’s sent into the Alaskan wilderness for a week by his law partner to ‘man up.’ Royce says his experience as an attorney prepared him to be a technician when it comes to writing. He never thought he’d come home from work and write about work – he’s a prosecuting attorney having worked in the criminal justice system for 13 years and has practiced law for more than 20.

For all of his middle grade fans, don’t you worry, he has many stories to tell and feels lucky to be able to be creative and try out new genres. And he has several outlines prepped for more middle grade novels. In the meantime, feel free to recommend Demonkeeper, The Goblin Problem (formerly Goblins! An UnderEarth Adventure) and The Dead Boys to your friends…and stay on the look out for the Kindle release of Demonkeeper II and III.



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