Heartfelt post from fan who lost a loved one

I received a very moving comment from a fan of The Terminals.  Maria has given me permission to share…











Authors: Do you have stories
of readers responding
similarly to your work?

Readers: What fictional
work has inspired or

Would love to hear your comments below…

Getting Teens to Read for Fun

Psyched to see The Terminals cited in the same article as The Fault in Our Stars, Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Divergent as great books for teens to simply enjoy reading.

Article by Writer, Reviewer and Teacher Christine Stock is HERE 


Playlists for The Terminals

Do you ever think about your favorite songs and how perfectly they match up with something you’re reading? Royce does it all of the time. Click here for the playlist he made while writing The Terminals.

The Terminals - Close Up Backpack Full of Soul

Now here’s a fun twist…

Cam, the hero in The Terminals, also has a playlist – each chapter has a song title and band from his playlist. They are not real, but if you are musical you can change that! Click here

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