My Writing Tips on Twitter

About a month ago, I started sharing writing tips on Twitter. My goal is to do one every day, and I’ve gotten pretty darn close. Here are a few of them. If you think they’re helpful or know someone who would benefit, go ahead and follow me on Twitter. You can also Like my author page on Facebook. The tips show up on both.

Writing tip: For your first novel (and maybe second) try a single point of view. Two at most. Make it easy on yourself. 🙂
Writing tip: Stop in the middle of your novel. Write 1 sentence on what each chapter is about. It’s reverse outlining. A good check on where you’re at.
Writing tip: If you have a message, try burying it behind the story. Tell the tale without reference to it. Let it be discovered upon reflection.
Writing Tip: “Quotation marks go outside of your punctuation!”
Writing Tip: After you learn the rules, yes, you can break them. AFTER…



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