My Latest Writing Tips Via Twitter

Here are some of my latest writing tips that have appeared on Twitter. If you think they’re helpful or know someone who would benefit, go ahead and follow me on Twitter. You can also Like my author page on Facebook. The tips show up on both.

Writing tip: Set daily goal for word count. Simple, but effective. Do a daily minimum, not average. Averaging leads to excuses. Excuses lead to suffering (says Yoda)…

Writing tip: Use small details from real life. In its simplest form, this technique requires that you just look up from your computer. 🙂

Writing tip: Specific details over vague. “The dish with the half moon chip.” Not – “The broken dish.”

Writing tip: Cliffhangers = okay by me. The cheese factor is the key. Make them only as cheesy as tone of your overall story.

Writing tip: Eliminate “he said” and “she said” if it is clear who is speaking from the context.



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