My latest novel officially has a face. And what a pretty face…

Release date November 19, 2018 in Germany.

More details here

Die Klinge des Waldes von Royce Buckingham

The Blade of the Forest

As a naïve princess she was cast out, as a strong self-confident woman she returns.

As heir to the throne of the forest kingdom of Strata, Flora and her older sister Amora lead a sheltered life. But then, out of love for her sister, Flora makes a fatal decision, with dire consequences. She is banished by her own father and is suddenly confronted with the real world outside the palace. Betrayed by her last confidant, Flora is close to death and finally on her own. But she is not ready to give up. Flora fights and survives. The naive girl becomes a strong young woman ready to fight to save the one she loves …


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