The Enchantments

I recently went on a hike. Five miles up a mountain and then up a one-mile boulder field on a 30+ degree slope where we met mountain goats that were exhausted from the climb–at least they were resting and looked exhausted to me. And then we hiked another 15 miles. This would have been hard when I was young and spry, and I am no longer young.

Why am I blogging this on a writing site? Because these mountains are called The Enchantments (in Washington State – google them), and they looked every bit the part of a medieval story of the variety that I write. The Mapper series. Blade of the Forest. The Glorious Six. All of them could be set in these mountains, where an exhausted author slogged past crystalline lakes in which you could see the reflection of the peaks and freeze your feet in glacial runoff–though it felt great after crawling up a boulder field.

So this is the sort of place that inspires me when I write. I’m certain these images will pop up in future stories. For now I’m thinking foot massage, but in the coming year expect me to set some scenes on rock-strewn slopes with evil mutant goats watching from the cliffs, waiting for hikers to break a leg and lay helpless while they scamper up over the boulders and look down with hungry grins…

Anyway, it was awesome. And hard. And google it.

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  1. Congratulations Royce your books are amazing and excited you are still providing books for so many readers of all ages. Take care Jeannine

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