Release Date – Halloween 2022

We have a cover!
Monster Lawyer will be released in Germany this Halloween as a lead title in Blanvalet’s (Random Penguin House) fall catalog with a significant marketing campaign. This is great news! My two previous novels that had this sort of publisher support both landed on the bestseller list, and so expectations for Monster Lawyer are high. Yay!
Fun fact – the German title “In Doubt, for the Monster” is a play on the German legal phrase “In Doubt, for the Defendant.” It’s essentially the same as the US version of reasonable doubt–if you have a reasonable doubt, you must vote in favor of acquitting the defendant. This follows the great tradition of naming legal thrillers after legal phrases (Presumed Innocent, Final Argument, Double Indemnity, Mistaken Identity). Only this time we have a monster on trial…

High-powered attorney Daniel Becker is about to make partner at one of Seattle’s top law firms, but Danny’s ordered adult life is thrown into chaos when the closet monster who tormented him as a child appears in his room again after thirty-some years, plops down on his bed, and says, “Danny, I’m in a little trouble, and I need a lawyer.”

Happy Cover Day!


Cover art credit: Anke Koopmann | Designomicon


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