A Monstrous Reading

Finally for my U.S. fans! A reading from my novel Monster Lawyer…in English!

About the story:

“In the supernatural world there are eternal, immutable laws. And where there are laws, there are lawyers.”

Monster Lawyer

Danny Becker was bullied as a kid and terrified of his own shadow—any shadow, really—until he learned to use his words, grew up, and became a lawyer. Thirty years later, Danny wakes up to find the closet monster who tormented him all through his youth sitting on his bed. Turns out his childhood nemesis needs a lawyer. Even worse, Danny knows the creature is innocent and cannot in good conscience turn it away. What follows is Danny’s journey through the supernatural legal world of monsters and magic and his realization that he never really dealt with his true fears as a kid.

More fun that you can wave a wand at, Monster Lawyer is an atmospheric limited series set in drizzly Seattle with a strong set up, a unique secret universe, and a compelling character arc for an unlikely protagonist tending to the most underrepresented population in our most colorful underworld.

Industry note on rights:
Monster Lawyer is published in Germany as Im Zweifel fur das Monster (Blanvalet). All other territories available. The sequel is due out this fall in Germany and is also available in all other territories.

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