5 responses to “Home

  1. i love your book the dead boys, Im 17 and im taking a creative writing class because of you. Thank you for inspiring me. -Angel

  2. Hey Mr. Buckingham!
    I read the last 2 books from you and i was totally amazed by the world and characters you created. You gave me the motivation in reading back! But you could have done the part with Seraphina in your new book longer ;)

    Many thanks for making my life a little bit happier and wish you a present time!

  3. Amazing book, The Terminals… Great plot and storyline. I hooked on right away! Amazing… I am hoping the sequel will come out soon…

  4. I loved The Terminals! Excellent novel! It was funny and adventurous. Please tell me that there will be a sequel. Please.

    • Thanks! I’m working on a medieval fantasy for Random House in Germany right now. But I have a sequel for The Terminals outlined and ready to go if a publisher gives me the green light after that.

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